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Green Dragon Apples
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“Green Dragon” is the brand name for the apple variety Malus domestica “Washu 1984”. This cultivar was obtained by an Oregon pear and apple grower over 30 years ago from a selection of fruit varieties in the state of Washington, USA.

Most production of the Washu 1984 apple has traditionally been exported to Asia as Green Dragon Apples, but in recent years the popularity of the Green Dragon brand has been growing in North America.

Most growers document the apple’s breeding to Japan in the 1920’s.

The Green Dragon ™apple is nicely described in this excerpt from the blog “Adam’s Apple”:

“These are shapely tapered apples just on the green side of the yellow border. The color flirts with that border, sometimes crossing it on the sunward side where some examples sport a pale and tentative orange glow.

Ribbing is moderate, though in some samples there are nearly flat regions that intersect to create a distinct edge.

The many small light lenticels are all but invisible except where russet or some other agent discolors them. Green Dragon bears the striking fragrance of green-apple candy.

Indeed, the sweetness extends to flavor. Juicy off-white flesh runs to coarse-grained. The crunch is decent but a little subdued. A sweet sugar-candy flavor is but sightly tempered by any acidity. A hint of spice and a whisper of pear pokes though the spun-sugar haze.

What would a better balance reveal? There is a succulent fruity fullness lurking behind the impenetrable curtain of sugar, a debt I guess to the Dragon’s Golden Delicious seed parent. But I cannot get close enough to say what it might be. Pity.

But easy to eat, if you like sweet.”

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